We Replace All Automotive Glass


Windshield Replacement

Your Windshield is a very important part of your safety. Proper materials MUST be used when installing your new windshield. We only use OEM material to install your glass. With 30 years of experience in the auto glass industry, you can be sure the replacement procedure is done right. We stand behind our work and offer a life time guarantee on workmanship. Most vehicles require about an hour and a half to properly install the windshield and to have a safe drive away time. It is recommended that any windshield damage be fixed as soon as possible. Stone Chips can be repaired. If the break in the windshield is larger or in the drivers line of vision, we recommend a replacement. Your windshield plays a very important role in keeping you safe in the event of an accident. Windshields can prevent occupant ejection, roof collapse in the event of a rollover, and is critical component in your passenger side airbag deployment.


Tempered Glass

Door, Side and Back Glass Replacement We handle all auto glass, not just windshields. When it comes to auto glass, we do it all. We know how stressful it is waking up in the morning to find that your vehicle has been broken into, and they have broken one of your tempered windows to gain access. Let the clean up be our worry. We will take care of your new tempered replacement as well as the clean up of glass.


Stone Chip Repairs

Your windshield is a part of the structure of your vehicle, it is important to repair a stone chip as soon as possible to keep the integrity of your windshield. Most stone chip repairs will almost be invisible, but will not all disappear. Some stone chips may be too big to repair. In this case we will recommend a windshield replacement. $19.95 for your first chip, $15.00 for each additional repair.


Side View Replacement Glass

Did you know that we carry replacement mirrors? In most cases, when your side view mirror glass is broken you only need a replacement mirror and not the whole assembly! Save the Cash! Replace the Glass! Residential Glass

We can replace and customize all types of residential & commercial glass, including:  


Aquapel Glass Treatment is your chance to change the way drivers see the road in the rain. It can also be used on any window where clearer vision is needed. Aquapel will also fight the elements for auto, marine and home. Developed and first patented by PPG Industries, leaders in glass technology, and now owned by Pittsburgh Glass Works, Aquapel Glass Treatment represents a product which promotes automobile safety. Designed for professional application on windshields, side windows, rear windows, glass shower doors, or any other glass surface, Aquapel is a long-lasting glass treatment that: Repels rain for remarkably improved vision Of course the best way to see how Aquapel Glass Treatment works is to have it applied on your windshield. Ask for Aquapel wherever your vehicle is professionally serviced. Whenever it's time to renew your long-lasting Aquapel Glass Treatment, its performance can be restored in just minutes. Once you've driven with Aquapel, you won't want to drive without it. See Clearly. Drive Safer... today and every day with Aquapel. When your safety is involved, SEE CLEARLY and DRIVE SAFER. Common Questions about a windshield replacement:

How long does it take to install a windshield? Most vehicles require about an hour and a half to properly install the windshield.

How soon can I drive my car after my glass is replaced? This will depend on the type of urethane adhesive used to install the glass in your vehicle. Because most automotive grade urethanes rely on temperature and humidity to cure, the time required varies widely depending on the manufacturer. This time frame can range from 1 hour up to 24 hours before your vehicle will meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and is considered safe to drive. At Mr. Windshield we use a fast-cure urethane that allows a 1 hour drive-away time with passenger side airbags and 30 min without.

How soon after can I wash my vehicle? We recommended that you wait 24 hours before washing your vehicle after your windshield has been replaced. The high pressure from the car washes can damage the seal and outer moldings before the urethane has a chance to cure sufficiently. This can cause your windshield not to seal properly and may cause wind noise & leaking.



We handle the paperwork. After an accident or a theft, you have enough to worry about. Let us take some of the stress out of the repair by dealing with your insurance company.

Find out more about the range of services we offer by calling us at +1 403 2767366 or sending us an email. Our staff understands the work they do and will be glad to help you.


What Type of glass do we use?

At Mr. Windshield we use OEM aftermarket windshields and auto glass (door, vent, quarter and back glasses)

What is the difference between OEM Dealer, OEM aftermarket, and OEE Aftermarket Glass?


1. Dealer Auto Glass

This is the windshield or other auto glass that you purchase from an automobile dealership authorized by the vehicle manufacturer to service your car. This glass is sourced from the same OEM distributor that manufactured your auto glass originally, and will often have the vehicle's make stamped on it.

2. OEM Aftermarket

OEM glass is made to the same specifications as dealer glass, but not necessarily by the same distributor. For example, an OEM aftermarket Honda windshield will be the same color, durability, thickness, size, and shape as the original windshield specs from Honda. Windows labeled "OEM" are virtually identical to dealer glass except they aren't always made by the same company that originally contracted with your vehicle manufacturer.

Why? Automobile companies change auto glass contracts from year to year, so the company that made your 1990 Honda Civic may not be the same company that manufactured your 2004 Honda Civic window.

Your Honda window may have originally been produced by PPG, so that's the brand you'd get if you went to the dealer. But if you went to an auto glass shop, you'd get your Honda window from another reputable OEM distributor (Pilkington or FY) who makes the exact same windshield, to the same specifications. Because your windshield wasn't made by PPG, it doesn't qualify as dealer auto glass, but it's just as good. It's so good that if you return a leased vehicle with an OEM distributor windshield, it will still be accepted by the dealer. All OEM distributors contract with one or more of the various car manufacturers, and that's what qualifies them as Original Equipment Manufacturers.  

OEM Distributors

OEE (Original equipment equivalent)
OEE Aftermarket glass is made by companies that do not contract with any car manufacturers, and do not have the legal right to manufacture auto glass to the exact same specifications as OEM distributors due to licensing and copyright laws. Aftermarket glass is significantly cheaper than OEM aftermarket or dealer glass. OEE windshields and other types of auto glass suppliers arecompanies that participate solely in aftermarket products, where the tight quality control requirements of auto manufacturersmay be possibly bypassed. It is said that they typically produce the part by reverse engineering an OEM part to get dimensionsas they may not be privy to original equipment specifications for fit, finish and performance.