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What Type of glass do we use?

At Mr. Windshield we use OEM aftermarket windshields and auto glass (door, vent, quarter and back glasses). What is the difference between OEM Dealer, OEM aftermarket, and OEE Aftermarket Glass? Automobile companies change auto glass contracts from year to year, so the company that made your 1990 Honda Civic may not be the same company that manufactured your 2004 Honda Civic window.

1. Dealer Auto Glass

This is the windshield or other auto glass that you purchase from an automobile dealership authorized by the vehicle manufacturer to service your car. This glass is sourced from the same OEM distributor that manufactured your auto glass originally, and will often have the vehicle's make stamped on it.

2. OEM Aftermarket

OEM glass is made to the same specifications as dealer glass, but not necessarily by the same distributor. For example, an OEM aftermarket Honda windshield will be the same color, durability, thickness, size, and shape as the original windshield specs from Honda. Windows labeled "OEM" are virtually identical to dealer glass.

OEM Distributors

Your Honda window may have originally been produced by PPG, so that's the brand you'd get if you went to the dealer. But if you went to an auto glass shop, you'd get your Honda window from another reputable OEM distributor (Pilkington or FY) who makes the exact same windshield, to the same specifications. Because your windshield wasn't made by PPG, it doesn't qualify as dealer auto glass, but it's just as good. It's so good that if you return a leased vehicle with an OEM distributor windshield, it will still be accepted by the dealer. All OEM distributors contract with one or more of the various car manufacturers, and that's what qualifies them as Original Equipment Manufacturers.

OEE (Original equipment equivalent)

OEE Aftermarket glass is made by companies that do not contract with any car manufacturers, and do not have the legal right to manufacture auto glass to the exact same specifications as OEM distributors due to licensing and copyright laws. Aftermarket glass is significantly cheaper than OEM aftermarket or dealer glass. OEE windshields and other types of auto glass suppliers are companies that participate solely in aftermarket products, where the tight quality control requirements of auto manufacturers may be possibly bypassed. It is said that they typically produce the part by reverse engineering an OEM part to get dimensions as they may not be privy to original equipment specifications for fit, finish, and performance.